self-defense For elders: individual Alarms

20 Oct 2016 08:15

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HAVE PRESENCE OF MIND. While walking in an alley or driving to work, be well aware that you may be exposing yourself to any danger. Even if you are already familiar with your usual routes, you must be aware of everything. Of course, you have routines and schedules to follow, but make it a point to deviate from them once in awhile. Do not drive or walk on the same road every day. Reroute and change schedules from time to time. Stun Guns are great when you're in a dark parking lot, out late at night when someone asks for your wallet or purse or anytime a person grabs you.

Zap him with the Stun Gun and your troubles disappear while his troubles just begin. Even though the Stun Gun effects are temporary and non-lethal they are still debilitating. The bad guy will crumble because his muscles aren't working very well anymore. A self defense pepper spray, high voltage stun gun or personal alarms are good items to have to protect yourself and your loved ones. You will need to Decide which of these devices are right for you.

This will depend on your address personal needs, opinions, and degree of protection desired. Be sure you will feel comfortable and capable of using these devices on a person attacking you. Some people may feel they should not defend themselves for fear of angering or offending the mugger or rapist. These folks do not need protection, just very good luck. No matter how real your training is, that fear cannot be replicated.

So you have to plan and prepare for it. Simple, repetitious techniques practiced in a variety of situations. Conditioning the body and hardening your natural weapons. Being in better physical shape and learning how to use weapons that fit into your gross motor skill set. Combat sports like MMA or kickboxing might work a little better, but still, they are sports, there are rules and in the street there are no rules and no time to prepare yourself for the attack.

Sure if you are a heavyweight champion you might be fine but otherwise I would not rely on combat sports for self defense. Once you have learnt the basics, do practice the same at your convenient time so as to master in those skills. This practice would help you increase your self-confidence. The amperage is low so it doesn't cause any permanent injury. But the higher the voltage the less time than it takes to work.

I always advise people to get the most powerful stun gun that they can afford. And now they are cheaper than ever. You can get some multi-million volts stun tools for less than $30. 2) It's more fun. Putting long miles on the road can hypnotize you, and is also hard on your joint.

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